The Learning Resource Centre contains many resources: books, videos, magazines, newspapers and computers. With all these resources available to you, how do you find the ones you need?

With any project that you are given in school there are a set of steps that you can follow to help you find the information that you need and use it effectively.


To help you remember the steps below the first letter spells out the word: INFORM

Identify: What am I supposed to be doing? Clarify the question. Do I understand what is required? Break the assignment title down into keywords.

Need: What sort of resources do I need? Eg books, magazines, online information.

Find: Find the resources. Use Dewey numbers, and the keywords, indexes, tables of contents. Use a search engine.

Organise: Which sources are best? Extract the relevant information. Mind map the ideas.

Record / Report: Note taking and presenting the work: essay, report, powerpoint etc. Writing a bibliography.

Measure: Evaluating the work. Will the work be graded or will an oral report be given. How successful was the research? What skills have I learnt?