Revising for your Biology exams is very important. There are a number of ways to revise, and you need to find the way that suits you best. Here are some suggestions:

  • read over your exercise book and highlight the key terms.
  • use your revision guide and workbook (available from school).
  • make a mindmap.
  • create flashcards with questions and answers OR words and definitions. Test yourself or ask a friend or family member to test you.
  • make fact cards using the index cards sold in the LRC.
  • Look-cover-write-check.
  • do past paper questions.
  • go on bbc bitesize.
  • download and use the CGP AQA Biology revision app (they have a free trial available).
  • watch youtube videos (e.g. mygcsescience).


  • B1 / Core checklist
  • B1 / Core flashcards. Print these onto thin card, cut up and write your answers on the back. Then get your friends and family to test you, or test yourself. This is a portable revision aid.
  • B1 / Core revision scaffolds. You may have used these in lessons. You need to print them off, then fill in information in each box using your exercise book, textbook, or revision guide to help you. We suggest putting the finished sheets up around your room as posters.


B1 and B2 Practice questions