CEOP and Facebook have developed a new free application or 'app' that will make young people safer within Facebook. 'ClickCEOP' is a new 'app' which links the young user and parent directly from their Facebook home page to help, advice and reporting facilities of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre.

The 'ClickCEOP' app is a three stage application that asks young people to:

  • Add the app - and the ClickCEOP tab will appear at the top of your profile page
  • Share the badge - and you can share the app with your friends via their newsfeeds
  • Bookmark the app - and an icon will appear on your profile page making it easy for you to access the help and advice from the ClickCEOP app

By adding the app, young people and parents can get support from CEOP on a range of issues – viruses, hacking, dealing with bullying online and they can report someone who is acting inappropriately towards them online.

The 'app' is the outcome of collaboration between CEOP and Facebook who have combined Facebook's expertise in connecting and communicating online with CEOP's expertise in helping young people stay safe.

Once added to their profiles, young users will receive regular messages from CEOP and its partner organisations who operate 'behind the button' to make children safer. CEOP's new Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ClickCEOP) will also contain polls, news alerts and status updates. The page will look at topics that teenagers care about, such as celebrities, music and exams and will link these subjects to questions about online safety. The move is also being supported by an advertising campaign on Facebook that will encourage take up. This will include an automatic advert appearing on every profile of users aged between 13-18 years inviting them to add the app.

Facebook link: www.facebook.com/ClickCEOP (access may be blocked from within school)