Year 9 students (starting in September 2017) must buy compulsory items such as sweatshirts, PE Kit from Michael Sehgal & Sons. There is no designated supplier for skirts and trousers but we strongly recommend using the selected lines from Michael Sehgal (see below) as these have been selected by the school to meet our Uniform Policy.

Other non-compulsory school logo items can also be purchased from Michael Sehgal and Son’s.

Year 10 and 11 students will continue to wear their current sweatshirt and PE kit but can now order replacement compulsory uniform items from Michael Sehgal & Sons. Skirts and trousers should be selected from the list of items from one of our listed designated suppliers.

Purchases from Michael Sehgal and Sons can be made online or in store at Michael Sehgal & Sons, 28-40 Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7JB.

Please read the School Uniform Policy and Further Guidance for more information.


Trousers and Skirts

Please see the QEHS School Uniform Trousers and Skirts page for details of our suggested lines from Michael Sehgal.


Sweatshirt, PE Kit and Logo Items

Items featuring the QEHS logo are available from our supplier, Michael Sehgal. These are available to view online at 

Compulsory items:

  • The school sweatshirt
  • Sports polo shirt
  • One of the following – PE/rugby shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings.

You may purchase additional items of PE kit if you choose.