The latest edition of the Sixth Form Bulletin is out now:

For parents/carers and students who are receiving the Sixth Form Bulletin for the first time with the move up to Year 12, we have compiled a short guide which demonstrates what each section of the Bulletin includes:

  • Sixth Form Notices – includes any notices to Sixth Form students about events happening in school.
  • Careers/Apprenticeships – includes local and nationwide job or apprenticeship vacancies, as well as degree apprenticeships, school-leaver programmes, work experience, internships, careers information and careers events.
  • University/College – includes events at or information about specific universities or colleges, e.g. open days, campus-based taster days, summer schools, and courses offered. This section also includes anything regarding applying to university/college, e.g. UCAS applications, personal statements, and admissions tests.
  • Enrichment – distinct from the University/College section by focusing on subject/topic-based events held at a variety of locations (not just universities or colleges). The opportunities offered in this section will enrich any UCAS application or CV by allowing you to demonstrate that you have sought opportunities outside of school in your chosen interest, or participated in something that gives you real-life experience and skills outside of academic achievement. Examples include online courses, volunteering, gap years, subject-specific taster events, public lectures, and essay competitions.