Winter Clothing Collection for West End Refugee Service (WERS) until 24 November 2017.

The Human Rights Group are collecting earlier this year in order to provide destitute refugees with warm clothing as the weather turns, rather than wait until Christmas, as in the past.

If you have any warm clothes and shoes that are in good condition and are clean, please could you tie them securely in a plastic bag and give them to your daughter or son to place in the marked boxes in the foyer.

The collection will run for the next two weeks; we will then deliver them straight to the project. The school has close links with WERS and members of the Human Rights Group have visited the project in Newcastle where they were met by the workers and clients who were eternally grateful for all the efforts of the QEHS students. We make a massive difference to the people at the project and I hope we can once again take a van packed full of clothes.

Thank you in anticipation,
QEHS Human Rights Group