• Meal times- Lunch- around 3-4pm, after school. Tea- around 10pm. Family should supply a morning snack to accommodate for different meal times, bring money in case they forget, the canteen is cheap.
  • Cost of entertaining them whilst in Hexham, if the weather is bad try to make back-up plans if it rains. For example, bowling is only £1 a game on a Tuesday at the Wentworth, you could organise gatherings at people's houses or on the Sele if the weathers nice. When they came over here we organised trips to the metro centre and Newcastle, spent time at Tyne Green and some people went to the cinema.
  • Your exchange partner might have a different personality to you. You don’t need to spend 24/7 with them, let them do their own things such as watching English television, going on the internet and reading magazines.
  • Long days, school starts at 8:30, and finishes at 2pm and usually they go to bed late. Don't be afraid to say you want to go to sleep, they should understand how tiring the days are.
  • Be prepared for the rest of the family not to understand any English. If they speak English to you, try to reply in Spanish because that's the point of the exchange. When you first start emailing your partner, talk in Spanish to get more practice.
  • Be prepared for the weather to be bad in February, very cold/snow/rain. Make sure to pack warm clothes/umbrellas/rain coat/suitable footwear.
  • Be prepared to try a variety of food because they eat a lot of different foods compared to here.
  • It's polite to take a gift for your exchange/their family, for example, box of chocolates, typical English food (shortbread), flowers or something personal to your exchange. A good place to go is the tourist information centre in Hexham, they have a nice selection.

By Jess Robson and Jade Hanning