The Curriculum Office will close at noon on Friday 21 July 2017 and reopen on Thursday 17 August 2017.

Our opening times are as follows:

  • Thursday 17 August 2017: 8.30am – 4.00pm (A Level results day)
  • Friday 19 August 2017: 8.30am – 2.00pm (UCAS Support)
  • Monday 21 August 2017: Closed
  • Tuesday 22 August 2017: 8.30am – 4.00pm (meeting Sixth Form students by appointment only)
  • Wednesday 23 August 2017: Closed
  • Thursday 24 August 2017: 8.30am – 4.00pm (GCSE results)
  • Friday 25 August 2017: 8.30am – 2.00pm (meeting GCSE students by appointment only)
  • Monday 28 August 2017: Closed (Bank Holiday)
  • Tuesday 29 August 2017: 8.30am – 4.00pm (meeting GCSE students by appointment only)
  • Wednesday 30 August 2017: 8.30am – 4.00pm (meeting GCSE students by appointment only)
  • Thursday 31 August 2017: Closed

School is closed during the holidays, only parents and students who have made an appointment will be seen during this period. The Curriculum Office can be contacted on 01434 610312 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students who have not met the entry requirements for their chosen study will be invited in for a meeting. Please refer to our GCSE Post Results document for more information regarding option changes and start dates for Year 12

If students need to reconsider decisions in light of GCSE or Sixth Form results and wish to discuss alternatives to QEHS or future career plans, our Independent Careers Adviser, Elaine McStravick, is available in the LRC on Friday 18 August, Friday 25 August, and Tuesday 29 August 2017. To pre-book an appointment please email Mrs McStravick on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively you are welcome to drop in before 2pm but please understand that booked appointments will take priority.


CEOP and Facebook have developed a new free application or 'app' that will make young people safer within Facebook. 'ClickCEOP' is a new 'app' which links the young user and parent directly from their Facebook home page to help, advice and reporting facilities of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre.

The 'ClickCEOP' app is a three stage application that asks young people to:

  • Add the app - and the ClickCEOP tab will appear at the top of your profile page
  • Share the badge - and you can share the app with your friends via their newsfeeds
  • Bookmark the app - and an icon will appear on your profile page making it easy for you to access the help and advice from the ClickCEOP app

By adding the app, young people and parents can get support from CEOP on a range of issues – viruses, hacking, dealing with bullying online and they can report someone who is acting inappropriately towards them online.

The 'app' is the outcome of collaboration between CEOP and Facebook who have combined Facebook's expertise in connecting and communicating online with CEOP's expertise in helping young people stay safe.

Once added to their profiles, young users will receive regular messages from CEOP and its partner organisations who operate 'behind the button' to make children safer. CEOP's new Facebook page ( will also contain polls, news alerts and status updates. The page will look at topics that teenagers care about, such as celebrities, music and exams and will link these subjects to questions about online safety. The move is also being supported by an advertising campaign on Facebook that will encourage take up. This will include an automatic advert appearing on every profile of users aged between 13-18 years inviting them to add the app.

Facebook link: (access may be blocked from within school)

If you suspect it,
report it!

CEOP report abuse button

We all use technology in our everyday lives and it is vital that we are able to use it safely. In the event that we feel unsafe about something, we need to know what to do.

Through assembly and tutorials you will discuss the potential issues, hazards and precautions you can take when spending time in online environments such as chat rooms, online gaming worlds, IM, online shopping, email, SMS and social networking sites. To refresh yourself, or to learn more about internet safety, use the links below.

The school has an acceptable use policy (AUP) that endeavours to ensure maximum online safety whilst we are in the school environment by educating all of our community and preventing access to non-educational sites.


e-Safety Update: Snapchat (June 2017)

You have been told before about the risks of being on social media and adding people you don’t know. Paedophiles and those who groom have used social media to pose as young people and even steal an identity to get close to other young people. Despite the warnings you may have added someone you do not know, because they have some friends in common or have similar interests as you. You may have added someone you think you know but their identity may have been stolen. Would you want these people to know your location? Probably not?

So what can you do...

The easiest and by far the safest way to stop the app from sharing your location is to turn off location services for Snapchat. However, this will stop some functions from working.

Snapchat themselves have also offered several options for this new service.

The first is “Ghost mode”. It is the safest of the in-app options. This means that no one will see your location. You can still see the map and use it to find out where your favorite celebs are and what they are doing but your location and information is safe.

The second is that you can choose to share your location with a select few close friends that you trust.

The last option shares your location with all of your Snapchat “friends”.

You can choose these options in the settings section of Snapchat.


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CEOP Video

CEOP and Facebook have developed a new free application or 'app' that will make young people safer within Facebook. 'ClickCEOP' is a new 'app' which links the young user and parent directly from their Facebook home page to help, advice and reporting facilities of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre.


Want to know more?

Young People:


Personal Adviser (Careers) Elaine McStravick

If you would like help to clarify plans for your future in employment or education including further and higher education, training and apprenticeships then please contact Elaine McStravick.

To request a Careers Advice Appointment

If you would like an appointment with Elaine please email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call into the LRC and leave a message.

If possible please give brief details for appointment and the preferred time e.g. Options post GCSE or A level, Apprenticeships, Applying to University or Thinking of leaving school.

Elaine is based in the Learning Resource Centre and usually in school on a Wednesday 8.30 – 4.30.

Careers Clinics

Wednesday 10.00 – 10.15 & 11.20 – 11.40 in the 6th form Café / Study Areas
Wednesday 1.00 – 1.20 in the Learning Resource Centre

The Careers Clinics offer an information service for all year groups, including careers and course information.

Careers Library

  • The Learning Resource Centre also contains information about careers, occupations, opportunities for employment, training, further education and higher education. (Including college and university prospectuses)
  • The Careers section also holds information on job searching: CV, applications and interview help.
  • The notice board displays current apprenticeships, jobs (including part time) and voluntary opportunities.
  • There is also access to computer aided guidance packages such as Kudos and Careerscape.

Enhancement Opportunities at QEHS

Community Education
Community education run short courses in a variety of interest areas from: herbal medicine, fitness, cookery, creative crafts, photography, urban wildlife, hill walking and IT.

Community Leadership Awards
This is a school led opportunity, which allows students to develop their leadership skills in the local community by getting involved in sporting events for younger pupils. Students first complete a Community Leadership Award and can progress to a Higher Leadership Award, which carries UCAS points.

QEHS has a very active Fairtrade group. The group works to promote an understanding and awareness of the importance of fair trade through curriculum activities, campaigns and arranging social events. They link with the town Fairtrade group and arrange for guest speakers to talk about topical issues.

Human Rights Group
QEHS has an active group which meets weekly and works in support of Amnesty International. They campaign on behalf of groups and individuals throughout the world who are subject to human rights abuse.

Learning Resource Centre
The LRC has volunteer opportunities for students to gain work experience in a library working during lunch times or after school. The LRC has a sub-committee of student voice which meets once a term to discuss issues relating to the LRC.

Music Lessons
We offer tuition in a wider range of musical instruments and singing lessons, for which there is a charge.

Outdoor activities (cycling)
Cycling has been one of the most popular outdoor activities at QEHS and the group meets regularly.

QEHS Orchestra & Choir
We have vibrant choirs and a fantastic orchestra who perform an eclectic mix of music.

QEHS Rowing Club
We have had a fantastically successful rowing club for many years and they always welcome new members.

QEHS Sports Clubs
We offer a wide range of ways to be play sport outside formal lessons.

QEHS Swing Band
If you have some musical ability and enjoy this style of music, we would love you to join this band.

Samba Drumming
This is a well established percussion project involving young people and Newcastle. No previous experience required, this is a fun project to get involved with.

Youth Dance Tynedale Dance Company
Open to all students in the Tyne Valley aged 14-19 years who are interested in contemporary dance. An audition is required to join.

Youth Theatre
Youth Theatre is for people aged 13-21. Everyone is welcome, no experience required. They would like you to be involved in any aspect of theatre production from performing, to back-stage lighting and sound, costumes, make-up, marketing and front of house to set design.

Enhancement Opportunities in the Local Community

BTCV is a conservation organisation, which works with volunteers to make a difference to their local community and environment. They also offer conservation training schemes, short courses and holidays in the UK and abroad.

Beck’s Training
Beck’s Training is an organisation which offers outdoor team building activities. It is based in Allendale and is promoting volunteering opportunities within the organisation and the wider village community.

Calvert Trust
Calvert Trust enables people with disabilities, together with their families and friends, to achieve their potential through outdoor adventure activities. It is based at Kielder Water and offers both ad hoc and regular volunteering work. It is possible to stay at Kielder if you volunteer for short periods of time. There are a wide range of roles for you to get involved with.

Core Music is a community based company where any profits made from delivering their services are reinvested in the community. They offer volunteering opportunities in their Hexham shop, which will draw on your strengths. They also offer courses, room hire and recording facilities.

Forum Cinema
The Forum cinema is owned by Hexham Community Partnership. There are a number of ways to be involved in this local project from working in the café or box office, to learning about film projection.

Hadrian’s Orators
This is a club which meets in Hexham once a month. Whatever your current level or reason for attending it aims to develop your confidence and skills when speaking publicly.

Hexham Youth Initiative
This community group organises a wide range of activities for young people, including Duke of Edinburgh awards. They would welcome volunteers and mentors to support their work.

Northumberland Sport
Northumberland Sport works in partnership with a range of organisations, to ensure the people of Northumberland can access and enjoy quality sporting and physical activity opportunities. They offer a volunteering scheme which enables you to become involved in a sports club, whilst accessing free training.

Enhancement Opportunities with National Organisations

Change Makers
An organisation which aims to promote a variety of local and national volunteering opportunities. These range from volunteering to help older people, gardening, journalism and supporting specialist events such as food festivals.

National Trust
The National Trust recruits volunteers to work in properties all over the region. They offer a wide range of roles, from conservation and educational guides to administration and events management.

Oxfam wish to recruit volunteers to work in their retail outlets in Hexham. Being involved with Oxfam will enable you to develop your customer service skills, pricing and cash handling, as well as merchandising products.

World Wide Volunteering
A volunteering organisation which promotes opportunities for students in the UK and abroad, ranging from a few hours a month to full gap years.